Who we are

YOU and every parent, grandparent, guardian, teacher and staff member at Alderwood who chooses to join. We all have one thing in common: we are dedicated to providing an enriching, creative and fun experience for the students enrolled at Alderwood Elementary School.


What we do

We provide programs, training and materials for our students and teachers that government and school district funding can no longer support.


Why we do it

The goal of PTA, at the state and national level, is to promote the health, safety and welfare of every child both in and out of school. The PTA also speaks on behalf of children before government agencies and organizations that make decisions affecting children.


We are planning some fantastic programs for Alderwood Elementary School this year and would love your support! We provide items for our students and teachers that governmental and school district funding can no longer support and we enrich our children’s education through our programs.


2022-2023 Alderwood PTA Executive Board

Principal Kelli Cheshire
President Casey Wieczorek
Executive Vice President Audrey Parker
Recording Secretary Ann Feng-Gange
Corresponding Secretary Katherine Santoso
Treasurer Kelly Tran
Financial Secretary Frances Lyn
Historian Ania Pfeil
Auditor Elizabeth Reilly
Parliamentarian Katie Olson
Teacher Representative George Sfakianakis