Alderwood International Night is a fun-filled family PTA event that truly embodies the diverse cultures that make up our school community. We will have families representing their country by displaying arts & crafts and food along a culture parade. Please join us in celebrating the international diversity of our school. 


Parents and students create country exhibits, displaying flags, maps, traditional dress, artifacts, sports and games, history, statistics and trivia, famous citizens, and food and drink – anything to show off their heritage.


We are looking for families to be Table Hosts for "Taste of Nations"

During International Night, families host tables that offer cuisine from different countries and regions all over the world. Table hosts provide food (sample size portions) representing the country or region of their choice. As a team, the volunteers in your booth will decide which food and/or drink to serve. 




We also put on an International Showcase "Fashion of Nations" and Talent Show "Culture of Nations"! Everyone is welcome to participate.
















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