Stay tuned for updates about all the incentives your students earned once the numbers are finalized! The funds we raised will go a long way to support every child and classroom at Alderwood. If you haven’t donated yet, please consider doing so by Friday, March 24.


We would also like to thank ALL of parent volunteers for providing delicious popsicles for the kids after their runs, our Jog-a-thon coordinator helpers for organizing this event, and all the teachers, staff, parents, and students who helped us get the word out about the fundraiser in the last few weeks.

See our Jog-A-Thon page for more details!




iLab Spring Material Drive 


Spring time is a good time to refresh & clean! Our Alderwood iLab is looking for supplies and we need your help. Alderwood iLab is used by all classes and this will directly help our students. Here is a wish list of new & used items that you may have at home:)


Refresh their supplies by bringing in some of the following new items:


Paper/plastic cups (all sizes)

Paper plates

Glue sticks - 100

Popsicle sticks 4-6 boxes

Tongue depressors (large craft sticks) 3 boxes

Masking Tape - 40 rolls 1” thick

Air Dry Clay  (assorted colors) -   25 boxes 

Heavy Duty Cardstock (variety of colors, but no neon please)

Construction paper (all colors)

Straws – 4 boxes

Pipe Cleaners (all colors)

Cotton Balls – 4 packs

Elmers Glitter Glue (assorted colors) 8-10 bottles

Duct tape (assorted colors) 8 – 10 rolls (1” or 2” wide)

AA Batteries - 2 packs

8-Volt Batteries - 2 packs

Paper Towels (6 pack)


Doing a little spring cleaning and have some of these items that you do not use at home? Bring the used items & donate to the iLab! 



(Please make sure these are in good, usable condition)

Legos (Lego brand, please)

Marble Run & Marbles

Wooden blocks or foam blocks

Magnet Tiles

Hex bugs



Children’s scissors


Colored pencils

Washable Markers

Paper punches

Scrapbook paper



Toilet Paper rolls

Paper Towel Rolls


New to Alderwood? Welcome!


We are excited to welcome back our Alderwood family for the 2022-23 school year. The PTA Executive Board is working hard to navigate the creation of fun and engaging activities and events for our children. 


We would like to maintain close communication with you throughout the school year. Most of our communication will be sent or available electronically. Please make sure to share your current contact information so you can stay informed. Click Register/Login link below!



 If you already have a Membership Toolkit account with another organization such as Rancho San Joaquin Middle School,
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